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Amie Reiman, Founder of Hip Lives
Toronto, ON


MY DREAM LIFECOACH!  What a catalyst for me after last year's transformation brought on after a gentle push towards living the life I love, was introduced to me through aligning my self with Nathalie McKee and making a commitment to receive and embrace the Life Coaching offered!   

HIP Lives Community will boast this Dream Life expert as a healthy solution to those envisioning wellness and then able to reach their dreams of greatness and beyond

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Jennifer M. 


New York, NY

“I highly recommend working with Nathalie McKee.  I’ve been working with Nathalie McKee for the past few years and I’m always astonished at the level of inspiration and motivation that Nathalie brings to our sessions. 

I Began working with Nathalie for business purposes because I wanted to expand my business and I know Nathalie has such a keen mind for problem solving, for creative ideas and really thinks outside the box.  And she inspires that within me.  It became very clear that Nathalie’s clarity and inspiration could help each and every other area of my life.  She could see things I could not even see for myself in my relationships, how I’m dealing with my time and money freedom and my health and well being. 

She is truly enthusiastic and the sheer joy she gets out of helping me to expand my own life is truly a pleasure to work with.  If you’re considering working with a transformational coach, I highly recommend you get started with Nathalie right away.”


Marie A.W. PhD

 Las Vegas, NV

“Nathalie is an amazing life coach. During our time together, she consistently demonstrated a positive, energizing, focused, and thought-provoking approach. As a skilled professional, she has high regard for one's personal values, strengths, and spiritual grounding. She walks the talk of loving to help others visualize and reach their desired life goals.”

Hiking in Nature


Kim P.

MLM Business, Travel Enthusiast

Toronto, ON

“I've been learning and growing in mindset teaching for a few years with other programs and coaches, but my life has never been so transformed until I started Nathalie's coaching.  Thanks so much Nat!  I do love my life now!”


Denise L.

Writer, Mom, Grandma Toronto, ON

"Dearest Beautiful Nathalie,
You have been my guiding light. I treasure your wisdom, teachings, support and devotion! I am on the right path with your assistance...  Peace and love to you and your family,  now and always.  Please use my true words as you wish. Love Denise"

Flora B.

CEO Organization

Ottawa, ON

20190811_025305 (1).jpg

"Several of months ago, a friend invited me to a Women Empowerment Summit.

I was excited but was not expecting much.

Then, I heard Nathalie sharing about her life and passion to help on stage.

I went to greet her after the speech. She has that thing; a joyful voice that can connect

with you on the deeper level. 

We connected, and my life changed drastically when we started our one-on-one sessions.

I was a busy mother and wife lost in a sea of tasks. I was always chasing after time,

having less or no time to enjoy my family or myself; less time to dream or work on my

big project “Contribute, educate, and create a world without limitations for all. A world

with Accessibility and Inclusion”.

This amazing coach guided me. She increased my awareness for the things I was

longing for. She is so caring and always work 100% to help her clients see and design

the life they want to live. Sometimes, things seem impossible, but with a right coach like

Nathalie, you will be amazed to rich your goals.

We used to live in an apartment in Quebec and had a strong desire to live in a house in

Ontario. We wanted to live in a great neighborhood, but our then reality shown that this

would not work as we had just moved in Canada about 2 years prior without jobs.

We moved (3 months ago) in a beautiful rental house in our desired neighborhood in

Ontario, and my project is in working progress. I have shifted things in my life, and now

have room to enjoy my family, myself, and my work. This is amazing …

I know how to design my life and attract the things I need to create what I desire. I am

planning on living a great life with much fulfilling experiences with my family.

Thank you, Nathalie. You truly helped me step into my God-inspired life".

Couple in Nature

Angela W.


Ottawa, ON

"I was immediately drawn to Nathalie’s conviction and belief in me.  It was remarkable how fast I started to see change in my life.  Within a week I saw opportunities coming my way I had been hoping for years.  I was also very single for over a decade and thought I would be alone forever.  With Nathalie’s coaching and care for me, she opened my mind to believe that I could have what I want, and she gave me a hope that I was deserving.  I have found my love, the love of my life and my best friend and we have a blended loving family and home.   I know for sure I would never have been open to even seeing this love if it walked right in front of me.  Once Nathalie help me make that “shift” in me, all great things started flowing my way easily.  It was remarkable.  Nathalie’s coaching changed my life!”.

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